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holy shit that’s a cosplay

That’s a COSPLAY?????

fuckin incredible



The Drop



OKAY I’ve made you guys wait long enough! Here is the official whatever-lies-beyond-thismorning’s 500 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY! Because I couldn’t get my hands on the original item, I decided to offer a first place price and three runners up prizes! Are you ready?! Here we go ~


  • One custom Wayfinder of YOUR CHOICE
  • Choose from 10 patterns, 6 totems, and 10 colors
  • You could make one for yourself or order Aqua, Terra, or Ventus’!
  • The item will be ordered from NebulousHorizon's Etsy page with YOUR details!


  • One mini Kingdom Hearts decal EACH
  • Choose your color from about 40 options
  • For indoor or outdoor use, but suggested on a video game console
  • The items will be ordered from GameThemedThings' Etsy page with YOUR details!

I hope these things excite you, as they’re all I can afford right now. But this will be the first of hopefully many follower appreciation giveaways! Now, here’s the important part..


  • MUST be following me (since it is a follower appreciation)
  • MUST be willing to give me shipping information
  • Reblogs and Likes count, as frequently as you want, BUT ONLY UP TO TEN ENTRIES PER PERSON (I have free time, I will check)
  • If you are under 18 years old, you MUST have parental permission to enter (entering the sweepstakes means reblogging or liking this post)
  • NO giveaway blogs (that’s cheatinggg)
  • ONLY THE 48 U.S. MAINLAND STATES WILL BE INCLUDED IN SHIPPING (this is my first giveaway, so I’m sorry if it leaves some people out!!)

I will be using a random number generator for this! The winners will be contacted via their ASK by my main blog, so make sure those are open! You will have 48 hours to respond! Please don’t miss out!! If you have ANY questions or are unsure of something, please feel free to ask me!

The contest will run from July 13th, 2014 at 8PM EST to August 1st, 2014 at 8PM EST. Good luck! <3

We are down to the FINAL WEEK!! THIS Friday, August 1st, (LESS THAN SIX DAYS) I’ll be announcing the winners! Don’t forget to keep your asks open so I can contact you and GOOD LUCK
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Kingdom Hearts (FM): Closeup of the Neverland clock tower.

Shino’s hoplophobia / traumatizing fear of guns.

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'My friends keyblades are my power!'